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Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's Worst Nightmare

In the city of Chicago, that last bastion of governmental contempt for the Second Amendment, a shooting occurred recently, and for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, it was the worst-case of all gun-related scenarios; a justified shooting in self defense by a man with, dare I say it, a lawful concealed carry permit.

Now Chicago and the phrase lawful concealed carry are two things you would never find in a sentence together until very recently, as Chicago finally succumbed to the plain meaning of the Constitution and the US Supreme Court ruling in McDonald v. Chicago that, free at last, free at last, finally granted to the good citizens of Chicago the right to carry a firearm as prescribed by the 2nd Amendment, but I digress.

Chicago mayor Emmanuel predicted carnage in the streets if citizens were given the right to carry firearms. What the mayor failed to mention that there was already carnage in the streets before the McDonald verdict. Somehow all those bad guys with guns never got the memo the city of Chicago was a gun-free zone; to such an extent Chicago claimed the title of undisputed murder capital of America on a perpetual basis, but yet again, I digress.

Seems an armed man with an extensive arrest and incarceration record dating back more than 30 years attempted to rob a neighborhood store recently. The perpetrator, 55 year old Reginald Gildersleeve walked into the store, brandished his weapon, announced a robbery, then forced an employee to the back of the store at gunpoint. Then, came mayor Emmanuel’s worst nightmare.

A licensed concealed carry customer then drew his legally licensed weapon and fatally shot the man, preventing the robbery and whatever other nefarious plans Mr. Gildersleeve may have had in mind.

In most places, the 41 year old unnamed shooter would have been deemed a hero. In Chicago, police said they were investigating the incident as self defense, yet it was still unclear whether the man would face charges. Hmm!

It always amazes me how two people can look at the same picture and each sees it exactly the opposite way. I think the man was a hero. Mayor Emmanuel believes the criminal Mr. Gildersleeve should not have been killed the and the licensed man who prevented a robbery and possibly saved lives should never have had the right to bear arms in his town…. I wonder how the store clerk with a gun at her chest might feel?

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