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Steve Scott is a reformed attorney, former college professor, & an outspoken advocate for sportsmen as producer/host of Safari Hunter's Journal &  Steve Scott's Outdoor Guide television series.

Steve Scott

While I have been many things in my life, I have always been a hunter.  My guess is you are a hunter as well.  Why?  Becasue we all are.  It's in our DNA: EVERYONES DNA. But today, most  people have forgotten our hunting heritage and that in order for humans to survive, someone  must kill for us to eat, including vegetarians. While modern society has relegated the task of harvesting our protien to the farmers, ranchers, butchers, and fishermen of the world,  the "politically-correct" condemn the act as cruelty to animals, often between bites of their cheeseburger.  They choose not see their hypocrosy...but hunters do.

Here you will find the truth about the anti movement; their tacticts, their motivation, and their hypocrosy.  Be it blog, vlog, or television episode , I will point out the truth about the anti's, and demonstrate how hunters are the most important component of the modern conservation model.  In our 7.5 billion person world, sustainable use hunting is the primary reason many species flourish and others have avoided extinction.   In order to exist today, wildlife must pay its way.  Hunters give wildife the greatest economic value.  

The anti's arguments are based on emotion.  Hunters have facts...and science.

Here are facts:​

Sportsmen & Women Pay for Wildlife

-sportsmen pay over $3 billion annually for the benefit of conservation  

-since inception in 1937, sportsmen have paid over $15 billion in federal tax to benefit fish/wildlife/habitat  (Pittman Robertson/Dingell Johnson)

-80% of state Fish & Wildlife agency annual budgets are funded by sportsmen's dollars

-in fiscal year 2014, Dept. of Interior allocated $1.1 billion to state Wildlife Agencies from sportman-paid taxes  (PR & DJ)

Results of Sportsman Funding

                                        1900               Today

   Whitetail Deer       500,000           30,000,000


   Turkey                     100,000             7,000,000

   Elk                             41,000              1,000,000

   Pronghorn               12,000                 700,000


Hunting in Africa

-18,000 tourist hunters create 53,000 jobs in Africa, generating $426,000,000 in spending annually 

-due to economic value created in wildlife by hunters, South Africa has more animals today than when the Dutch arrived in the 17th Century

Firearms & Ammunition

-F&A industry creates 100,000 jobs directly & another 120,000 indirectly or a total of 220,000 jobs in the US

-economic impact of these jobs creates $14 billion in direct benefits and $33 billion of total economic impact  

-F&A industry pays $4.6 billion in corporate taxes and $459 million in excise taxes

-from 1991-2011 sale of AR-style rifles has increased 3500%. In same period, violent crime down 38%. Homicide down 42%

Humane Society of the United States

Operates NO pet shelters of their own & spends less than 1% of their annual budget funding those that do. Yet from 2012-2014, HSUS deposited over $100M in Bermuda & the Caymans.  Coincidence?  You be the judge.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

We LOVE these guys. Their publicity stunts are laughable, but not funny & ridiculous in their sincerity. "Breast-milk ice cream?"" Oh please tell me another!

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