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PETA: Milk = White Supremacy

The exemplar of all that is peculiar and inexplicable about the animal rights movement, PETA-People of the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is out with another alternative facts campaign that is a stretch, even for them.

PETA’S latest harangue calls out ...milk. Yes, you heard right. PETA has a thing against milk. Not so much that dairy farmers are cruel to cows or those milking machine squeezer things are udderly painful. No, PETA’s issue is with milk; more specifically, the color of milk.

According to PETA's video attached below “Milk is a symbol of white supremacy.” Allow your cookies to soak that up for a while. Milk a symbol of white supremacy? That would make milk the drink of choice of the KKK, the Aryan Nation, American Nazi Party, David Duke, Adolf Hitler and by extension, every mammal on the planet, including you and I and my new daughter Charlotte, who even at this tender age apparently is beginning to show white supremacist tendencies.

Hiding amidst the double-doubles & animal fries is my daughter's Aryan elixir & symbolic manifesto: milk.

Yet I must take issue with PETA’s assertion as I have seen more than a few non-whites extolling the virtues of liquid dairy products in those “Got Milk?” ads. People like Rihanna, A.Rod, Beyonce, Shaquille O’Neil, Kristy Yamaguchi, Chris Brown, Tyra Banks, Dennis Rodman, Venus & Serena Williams, Marion Jones, and Muhammad Ali, have donned the milk mustache. Truth be told, I suspect pure, wholesome milk is not a symbol of white supremacy for if it were, would not Muhammad Ali have insisted on at least chocolate milk? Just a thought.

But there is a serious and sinister side to this.

PETA’s misappropriation of milk symbolizing white supremacy is akin to Rosie O’Donnell representing triathlons…one has nothing to do with the other. PETA playing the race-card is disingenuous, divisive, and wholly inappropriate. It is a sad and perhaps libelous attempt by misguided zealots to garner attention and raise money for the next self-aggrandizement campaign.

PETA’s bizarre modus operandi is more about shock and headlines than support and helping. From petitioning Ben & Jerry’s for human breast milk ice cream to chicken-suited midgets protesting McDonalds in Manhattan, PETA does not seem to have a clue how inept there campaigns are, but at least there is an entertainment value in their antics. So thanks for that, PETA. And much like the class clown we all remember from jr. high, “we’re not laughing with you PETA, we are laughing at you.”

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