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PETA's "Ethical" Treatment of Animals

Based on their own reports to the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Service, the animal rights organization, PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, killed more than 2,300 dogs and cats at its pet shelters in 2014; an average of more than 6 per day. Put another way, for every 100 strays PETA took into its shelter throughout the year, a staggering 88 didn’t make it out alive. Calling PETA’s facilities “shelters” is analogous to calling Auschwitz a Nazi rest camp in WWII.

In a sad irony that would not be lost on a 3 year old, while PETA condemns hunters for the lawful and sustainable harvest of wild animals, PETA's supposed animal ethicists kill 88% of the domestic pets it takes in to “shelter.” But when has PETA ever been concerned about appearances anyway?

But there is a reason for the speed in which PETA kills their shelter animals; there is no place to put them. The Virginia Ag report indicated PETA' facility did not have enough enclosures or space to hold the thousand of animals that are taken into PETA custody each year. A rapid kill rate solves that problem. And though PETA protests, claiming its' charges are in fact available for adoption, with no adoption hours, no physical access to the public to view the animals, and no media promoting pet adoption, considering 9 in 10 animals are killed within 24 hours of entering the facility, PETA's adoption claims are clearly false.

Despite its $47 million budget, PETA fails to find homes for the vast majority of pets they take in, but let’s cut them a little slack. Lethal injection drugs aren’t as cheap as they used to be. And since PETA employees have already been convicted of illegally disposing of pet carcasses in late-night dumpster runs, the organization must spend more money to dispose of the bodies in a legitimate way. Where’s Tony Soprano when you need him?

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