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The War Against Hunting

You may not know it, but hunters are in a war. No, I’m not talking about physical war, with bombs and guns, although our enemies have used both to further their cause. No, I’m talking about a war against hunting itself. We as hunters are being attacked by radical anti-hunting groups that spread lies and half-truths about hunting, and report them to the public at large as fact. Want proof, here is just a sample of what came from the official website of a group called Friends of Animals.

“Hunting is (among other things) deceitful and ecologically disruptive.”

They say hunting is deceitful; that hunters portray themselves as conservationist and as sportsmen. They say hunters don’t conserve, they gratuitously waste and that sportsmen aren’t sporting; that hunting isn’t fair play. They say, and I quote “Where is the fair play in a grown man or woman using a modern firearm to kill an inoffensive animal?” That’s the propaganda, now what are the facts?

Anyone that has mastered 3rd grade math can see that hunters not only practice, but have paid for wildlife conservation. The billions of dollars of hunting equipment taxes, licenses, and other conservation fees paid by sportsmen have fueled the species rebound of deer, elk, antelope, turkeys, and waterfowl. In Africa, hunters have paved the way for the spectacular increase in elephants, rhinoceros, and dozens of other species. And that bunk about hunting not being sporting? Just spend a day chasing whitetail in the Georgia or kudu in the highveld, and then we’ll talk about fair chase.

This anti-hunting group also states that hunting is ecologically disruptive. They say “The whole philosophy of deer management is a paradox: the more you hunt, the more deer you get.” Well, yes, it is a paradox, and it is true one at that. Proper species management allows for surplus animals to be taken, and yes, with proper management, the number of animals does increase. So “Friends” of Animals, I thought increasing species numbers was a good thing. Isn’t that really what it means to be a friends of animals?

Finally, they say that “hunting is an act against Nature on moral and biological grounds.” No matter how loud they scream to the contrary, hunting is scientifically proven to be vital to proper wildlife management. And as far as morals go, I for one, sleep just fine at night.

These people will stop at nothing to outlaw our sport. Today, more than ever, it’s important that hunters know the facts in order to preserve our heritage.

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