October 31, 2016

Most animal rights activists are hard-core, unwavering idealists who stick to their mantra that “no animal should never be harmed, unless of course that animal creates problems in their own back yard.  A few years ago there were news reports on the annual deer hunt pro...

October 24, 2016

In a recent policy about face and a major blow to the anti-hunting organizations such as the Humane Society of the Untied States, US Fish & Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe announced wild and wild-managed lions from South Africa will once again be granted US import p...

October 17, 2016

The high fence.  To some, it represents an unethical way of hunting.  To others, it’s an indispensable wildlife management tool.  And in South Africa, with over 9000 private game reserves throughout the country, an understanding of the how and why of the high fence may...

October 10, 2016

Differences in perspective lead to differences of opinion. 

Just look at our highly contested elections in this democratic society illustrate that people are different.  That reasonable people can look at the same issue and come to radically different conclusions is a m...

October 3, 2016

The growth in whitetail deer populations, from their low point of less than 100,000 in 1900, to around 30 million today, is one of the great conservation success stories of our time.    The whitetail is by far America’s most popular big game animal, but the whitetail’s...

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